Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art done with yarn, either crochet or knit. So the question asked; is it art or vandalism? Technically it is illegal as with any other graffiti. However, it is rarely enforced.

There are many places one can find this art. Most of the time it is seen in cities…

Park benches:bench

Trees:  trees


 pipe2          waterspout              pipe3

I recently watched a video of a yarn bomber, London Kaye. She was interviewed on CBS news http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/how-one-yarn-bomber-is-redefining-street-art/

WOW!!!steps         BNPS.co.uk (01202 558833) Picture: Collect A more gentle than traditional Guerilla art campaign is spreading across the globe - 'Yarn bombing' involves women leaving knitted reminders on objects as varied as trees, lampposts & even a bus. The craze that started in America has now spread to the UK with the 'artist' taking pictures of their work and putting them on the internet. Magda Sayeg from the all female guerilla knitting group 'Knitta Please' has covered an entire bus in Mexico City

Here is a simple project I might try…chair

It would be a fun way to use up bit of yarn. Kind of like free form crochet!

So I would love to hear what you think. It is art or just another form of vandalism?

Happy Creating! Anita


2 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing”

  1. I’d love to participate in some yarn bombing at some point. It’s a shame that it’s considered graffiti. The yarn bombing on that park bench is amazing! I haven’t seen that one before.


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